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Brazilian Twins Spotted at Old Trafford | Neville to Play Liverpool | Anderson to Porto Fantasies | Keane Tips United Over Arsenal

So back to another Monday and another longish looking week. In fact, the week looks longer now that there is no real football coming our way. At least not at club level.

So we’ll have to be prepared for however little news that pops up, now and then, as we try to negotiate the dry spell. Hmm… so what do we do in the meantime? Well, we could start counting sheep for starts; would help us catch some sleep. Or we could browse random football websites (and blogs) hoping for something sensational to come up.

Or, of course, we have the option of getting on with our regular lives — the offline one, that is. Pfft. On to today’s roundup.

We’ll go over the main stories that have managed to catch my eye one by one. I’ll try to bullet them down to a list for better viewing. So here goes:

  • Brazilian twins Spotted at Old Trafford
    The twins Rafael and Fabio who were expected to join United in January after they turn professional were seen at the Wigan game. Those of you who opened the video link posted on the match report yesterday might have probably observed it. Anyway for those who didn’t watch it closely, here is the video (link just below). Go to 3:10 into the video and pause it. You will see, in front of Michael Carrick and Hargreaves two kids sitting either side of an elderly person. I am pretty sure they are the young full backs we’ve heard so much about, and it is nice to see them acclimatising themselves into the atmosphere.

    Click here to see the video. (Pause it at minute 3:10 to see the twins!)

  • Skipper Neville to make reserve return.
    Gary Neville will make his long awaited return in a United shirt against his fond rivals, Liverpool. Of course, this will be against a reserve team and it will be in midweek. He has been training for sometime, and it’s probably more precautionary (and the good form of Brown) that the management is not too eager to rush him back. We’ll keep our fingers crossed on this one and hope he gets back unscathed after the game.
  • Anderson moves to Porto?
    Saha has a better chance of playing 50 games in a season than Porto taking Anderson on loan. It’s now getting a little annoying. When we wrote about the Guardian talking bollocks about Anderson’s skill levels, we hadn’t actually seen the Coventry game to confirm, first hand, what we’d heard from Fergie and the radio commentators. But this sort of crap is what will keep the hounds at Newsnow busy, anyway, for the next couple of weeks. This and, of course, England’s bid for European qualification. Pay no heed. Anderson will not move on loan. Not after the Wigan game.
  • Times gushes about Anderson
    That said, certain sections of the media were quite positive about Anderson, like the Times. The article talks about how Ferguson thinks Anderson could eventually replace Paul Scholes. Fair assessment, I must say. But he still has a lot to prove.
  • Roy Keane tips United for title.
    Roy Keane, speaking after his side’s spirited performance against Arsenal, said that United have just that much more than Arsenal to win the title this season. He was, as usual, quite forthright in his views after the game and even Arsenal fans were gushing about how good an interview he gave after losing.
  • Ron: ‘We will win the title’
    Ronaldo reckons we are the best side and we will win the title. The kid seems quite positive and from the things he’s said over the past week, he’s only endeared himself to the fans even more. His growth has been spectacular and now, with his attitude and spirit, he’s turning out to be a great role model for the other youngsters. Of course, he’s also banging in the goals.

Anyway, that’s about it for the day. Back to the grind. Can’t wait for the weekend already!