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Blah, Blah, Blah… Waffle, Waffle, Waffle…

yada, yada yada… I don’t write good post headings.

And so it goes. Another void to fill. It’s champions’ league day today, although it doesn’t involve us. It’s also election day today in the country where I reside. Of course, I wouldn’t want to use this platform to air my political views, but dear American friends who are reading this, please don’t vote for that nutcase. You know who.

Hmm… now let’s see what I can talk about. Ah! How about this? carries a Q&A session where fans, with many curious sounding names, asked Ronaldo questions. He answers questions about his personal ambitions as well as the club. In short, nothing out of the ordinary. Read it, then.

Curiously, it seems Tony Adams finds Ferguson more approachable than Wenger. Perhaps that’s because Wenger is now a stubborn, miserable, old git who can’t see his team’s failings and has recoiled into a cocoon. Surely, now, you wouldn’t want to take advice from someone whose lost to Stoke, Fulham and Hull. Jokes aside, I’m not really a fan of Adams, and I really don’t care. Also, I’m not sure if he’s manager material. But that’s a hunch and only time will tell.

Nani thinks a better grasp of English has helped him develop a better understanding of his mates, and hence, better performances on the pitch. Whilst a better understanding of language and culture may have been useful, I think it’s got more to do with the few games he’s started, forcing him to work more on his game to prove to the boss that he’s ready to make the right (or left) wing his own.

Ahead of the Celtic game tomorrow, I would hope we’ll get more quotes as the day wears on and bring them up either in the comments or in tomorrow’s preview, but it would seem that Ferguson might go a little easy on the team lineup keeping in mind Arsenal this weekend. We could probably see Carlos Tevez get a start, for one.

And that’s about all I’ve got for now. Rest tomorrow. Over to you…

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