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Betting Tip: Will Valencia score against Fulham?

Betfair, Manchester United’s official betting partner, has offered Red Rants readers a free £25 bet when you register with Betfair through us and place a bet on a United game or any other game. Bet with Betfair and claim your free £25 bet.

Injury problems continue to dog United and this Saturday’s trip to Fulham could be trickier than Betfair layers predict – the champions trade at 1.56 (4-7) for the win.

The Cottagers have produced some tidy and effective football this year, suffering just two defeats at home with Liverpool among their victims. Only Chelsea and Arsenal can claim league wins at the Thames-side fortress and it’s now four Premier League games unbeaten for Roy Hodgson’s men.

So, it’s unlikely to be a walk in the park for Sir Alex and co., especially with Michael Carrick and Darren Fletcher lined up to fill in at the back again. Wolves may have been shut out but Fulham will test the back four a little more than Wanderers’ reserves.

Given United’s defensive issues it’s a surprise to see over 2.5 goals trade above odds-on and that is the main selection. Fulham may not be free-scoring but they’re usually good for one or two goals while United aren’t too bad at finding the back of the net…

Only Chelsea have beaten Fulham by more than one goal this year and there’s little to suggest this won’t be a tight affair. Yet most of the markets point to Reds’ dominance. A small lay of United on the Asian handicap market -1&1.5 at odds of 1.92 (10-11) will mean a winning bet for you should the Reds win by a solitary goal or fail to win at all. Granted, it’s not the most loyal bet for a United fan to make but a winner is a winner…

As for individuals on the pitch, Anotonio Valencia has hit stride in recent weeks with goals against West Ham and Wolves. He could figure again and a price around 4 (3-1) may reward a tentative bet.

Elsewhere in the Premier League, Liverpool look short at 1.62 (5-8) to win at Portsmouth. Avram Grant’s charges have shown improved form in recent weeks, giving Chelsea a scare in midweek to prove that the players are still on side despite the club’s financial troubles. The new manager still has time to work things out while Liverpool were hardly convincing against Wigan. A lay of Benitez’s boys could be the shrewdest bet of the weekend.

Bet with Betfair and claim your free £25 bet.



  1. radzio

    19 December 2009 at 11:46

    If you can’t watch this game you can try free Live Streams

  2. Orez

    19 December 2009 at 15:59

    Man I can’t believe I am nervous, when we play against Fulham. Alright they got stronger but still this feels wrong

  3. Ashray

    19 December 2009 at 17:54

    wow…no words for how bad that was.

  4. godzilla

    19 December 2009 at 19:14

    Well, this was coming. It was pretty obvious this one was coming. In fact, i just made some money by betting on Fulham 😳 . It was pretty obvious right before the game that given our problems with injuries and the fact that Fulham had beaten us last time around and the fact that they are in form they were always the favorites!

    I wouldnt blame the defense for today, other then Evra of course. He was found out of position quite a few times. Ridiculous defending at LB.

    Rest of the players were ALL mediocre. How the hell can we EVER win with Gibson and Scholes in the middle with a screwed up defense??

    Gibson, other than his right foot is a downright average player and should be ON the selling list. Along with a bunch of other players including Anderson (it is unbelievable guys like Eddy who play and understand football, actually think he is good!), Scholes (WHY WHY is he still played?. Did we not have anyone else in defense and then bring Fletch to MF?).

    This is just not a United team. this is some mid table team fighting hard and winning on scraps. This defeat was begging to come and came at the right time. Hopefully a WAKE UP call for Fergie to THINK deep in the January window and make some BIG change. I dont care even if we dont win a 19th title, BIG changes are required to the entire United MF !! It is filled with mediocrity of the highest order. We can forget CL even if we get back our defense !! I am pissed after a long time!

  5. Grognard

    19 December 2009 at 21:17

    Well I have to applaud myself today for having the common sense to sleep through the game and not bother watching it. I was predicting a loss for United but even I never expected 0-3. What a joke, what a revelation. Now will all of you finally wake up and realize how right I have been? Before the season I predicted 3rd or 4th and that we would lose around 10 games. Well we are on a pace now to exceed 10 losses and Arsenal, Villa and Spurs are breathing down our shoulders.

    What a calamity, what a disaster. 🙄 Two losses in a row and being shut out two game sin a row. The team is finally getting the kind of results I was expecting all season. From day one they were playing the boring slow and bad football I predicted but until this past week, they were getting away with it by having a fair amount of luck. It also was a stroke of luck that all the other top clubs were also far from immune to losing.

    So now the real United has come out of the woodwork, just a few days after Fergie once again stuck his fungus infested foot in his mouth and stated that he did not see himself buying players in January because he like his team. Well WAKE THE FUCK UP OLD MAN! 🙄 👿 It’s time to realize that the club is not very good and certainly has the potential to implode after their confidence was further shattered. When we were sucking like this back in 1992 good fortune and timing saved Fergie’s job because Eric Cantona arrived to help United once again find their scoring legs. Who will show up this time to save the club?

    United need new players and an injection of talent as well as a change in playing philosophy. Sure we are unlucky due to many injuries but the fact remains, we just aren’t very good in attack and our predictability has become highly predictable and easy to defend. This club needs to not only play better, but play a different game than they have over the past two years. To lose to the likes of Fulham by 3-0 is for me the final straw. I have had it with this team and this manager’s stubborn tactics and stubborn denial that this is a club in serious trouble and in need of better players.

    I could stomach 3-0 away loss to the likes of Arsenal or Chelsea but not to a sad sack bunch like Fulham. I don’t care how good they are at home, we are Man Utd, and they are a minnow that deserved a swift butt kicking from us. Instead we got the ass kicking of a lifetime from them. I am embarrassed, disgusted and incredibly disenchanted. I am above all fed up with the present regime and the way things are being done.
    Fergie has one get of jail card left to him and that is he better buy two or three top quality players in January or I am out. I mean it.

    I cannot stomach this team any longer. I do not like many of the players and the team’s makeup as far as I’m concerned is caking and running and it’s looking very ugly. I’m am sick to death of seeing Foster, Pig, Neville, Anderson, Scholes, Valencia, Park, and others on this team that do very little to make us a good team but do an awful lot to screw up our results and to bore us to death. I want, no I DEMAND this club buy at least three players who are WORLD CLASS and proven. I do not give a rats ass about Douglas Costa because we already have too many kids to worry about. I want proven players and players with skill, pace and pedigree. I want Fergie to spend every penny of the supposed 60 million pounds he says he has available to him and I want it done now. I am willing to wait for Neuer come May or June but right now is where we need to buy a RB, LW, RW AMF and a goal scoring striker. Enough is enough.

    Fergie has ridden this old mule long enough. He needs to get off his ass, suck it up and swallow his pride and start demolishing this club in order to rebuild it with better players and better tactics. And if he won’t do this, then he should head in the same direction as Mark Hughes and a new innovative, young and creative manager takes over. I love Fergie but of late, his attitude and stubbornness has gotten under my skin too much. I do not like what he is doing with this club and the fact that he refuses to spend money. If the Glazer’s aren’t giving him the money then he needs to come clean and tell us all rather than protect those bastards. The time for action is now because I am sick and tired of watching this garbage every week. We are at the breaking point and I think it’s fair to say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH ALREADY. 😡 😡 🙄

  6. Grognard

    19 December 2009 at 21:56

    I’m reminded of the scene in the movie “Airplane” when the stewardess tells the passengers not to panic, then the plane swerves and all of a sudden these signs go on all over the plane that say “OK, PANIC”. 😀 How on Earth are we not supposed to panic when everything that I predicted would happen is happening. Am I that smart? Of course not. But it’s obvious to me that Fergie isn’t that smart either because he continues to refuse to believe that his team is not good enough. He claims we have learned from the Barcelona defeat last May. What exactly have we learned Fergie, how to lose and get completely outplayed? I guess if that’s it, yes he is right, we have learned. BOLLOCKS! 🙄 I honestly cannot believe I am watching a Man United team. This si the worst United team since before the Premier League was formed. Just pants.

  7. d'game

    21 December 2009 at 10:59

    @Grognard: I have to agree with you mate. This is just an absolute mess. Its so bad, no body is even making comments. Let’s hope the old man wakes up and does his job.He needs to sign players in now. Otherwise we might not make top four.

  8. Grognard

    21 December 2009 at 19:11

    @d’game: Have you read this article in today’s Sun? The man is just playing with us and is lying through his wine stained teeth as he continues to make excuses and justify the unjustifiable by making such ludicrous statements. From love respect, admiration and respect for the man I have gone 180 on him and now I’d like to just tell him where he can F Off to. He disgusts me with his attitude and his disregard for us the poor fan who have to sit through the recent shite he has been conjuring up. 🙄

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