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Welcome to the best Manchester United blog in the world

Hello and welcome to Red Rants.

You know that it’s a Manchester United blog. But you may not know that:

  • This site is the best Manchester United blog on the Net, although it’ll take you around an year to figure that out (6 months if I put down my PSP).
  • The authors here are mind-numbingly biased but fair.
  • You need to register (i.e. sign up) to comment on the site. In the long run, it’ll be a good thing for all of us. Trust me on this one.
  • You are free to write here, as long as you’re writing about Manchester United. I’ll put up a ‘write for Red Rants’ page soon – for now just hit the contact page and tell me what you have in mind.
  • You will get ALL your Manchester United news from here. ALL of it.

Anything else? Ask me in the comments.