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Ben Foster to Sign for Birmingham | Fergie Parsed

It’s certain now that Ben Foster will move on to Birmingham. The fee is mooted to be about £6m. The official site has also confirmed this.

Foster’s sale confirms what a lot of people thought: the manager had lost faith in the ‘keeper. I’d wish him the best, and I think he will emerge better all round at Brum.

I wish I could say he won’t be missed, but given Ferguson’s remarks, it’s worrying. He’s channelling the same mantra that took him through press conferences last summer and January. It seems he’ll be making “only one” signing at most because, apparently, the “market is very difficult.”

Granted we’ve signed Chris Smalling (who, I have high hopes for) and Javier Hernandez (who, I know absolutely nothing about), but they don’t really address our problem areas: A threadbare midfield, the lack of a world class ‘keeper, and adequate back up in the striking department. We could go on about lacking creativity on the wings, but I think that isn’t as much of a problem as the central midfield is.

Things might very well change come next May, but right now, Carrick has regressed, Scholes is hit and miss despite being one of our better midfielders. Anderson has shown little signs of improvement. Hargreaves was last reported to have walked 500 metres without discomfort.

But yes, Ferguson will tell you that he likes the balance of the squad. Gill will tell you that the debt is not a problem. Maybe your neighbour will tell you that Goldman Sachs is a company with a heart of gold.

But then you already knew this was going to happen didn’t you?

This isn’t my attempt to sound alarmist. Maybe Ferguson will buy big. Maybe Gill will start speaking the truth. Maybe your neighbour will convince you that Goldman Sachs is actually a wonderful company.

Wait, what’s this? A sideways timeline scene from LOST?

Anyway, right now, I do know this: “the market is difficult” translates to “we are broke” in common parlance.

Thank you, and good morning.

PS: I have no dealings on any personal level with Goldman Sachs. I had to pick a major firm at random, and this sprung to mind.