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Beckham: “Ronaldo should crawl back to United”

Cristiano_Ronaldo_512589aDavid Beckham has suggested Cristiano Ronaldo should return to Manchester United on his hands and knees, if he ever decides to leave Real Madrid.

Over the last couple of weeks, the Portuguese has again been linked with a move back to Old Trafford after refusing to rule out he might leave Real Madrid in the future. Chelsea and PSG have also been billed as possible destinations but Beckham, who will play at Old Trafford on Saturday, believes there’s only one place Ronaldo should head to.

“Cristiano is such a fans’ favourite here, and if he decides to leave Real Madrid then for me personally the only place he should come is back to United,” he said.

“I’d never advise any player not to return to Old Trafford – when I left I’d have crawled back if I could!

“Cristiano was so successful here, such a hard worker, everyone you talk to that has played with him, been around his world, he’s not just one of the most talented players in the game, he’s a hard worker as well.

“I never had the opportunity to do that, and I’m proud of the teams I played for after United. But for me, I always think Old Trafford is where the journey should end.”

Beckham himself admitted that he’s thrilled at the thought of returning to Old Trafford as part of a charity match to raise funds for UNICEF.

“I’d always likes to be part of the club in some way, yes, because obviously it gave me so many great memories and a great career,” he said.

“So to be part of the club it will always be a dream for me even now, because it is the club I supported as a young kid. Definitely.”