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Audi Cup: The Escapist’s Roundup

Hello there, I’m in the middle of moving house, hence there will be some minimal blogging today. I will probably be more detailed when I am well settled in my new abode — internet connectivity permitting. In the meantime, hopefully, Stephen Darwin might fill in, or even — who knows — I might swoop in when I find an idle computer with internet connection like a starved dog on a juicy bone and pen some, mostly inconsequential, words.

I had the chance to watch the Boca Juniors game but only the first half of the Bayern one. In the spirit of the underlying theme of this post I’ll go with something vacuous: I found some parts of the game encouraging and some discouraging. (I know, I told you today wasn’t the day)

Moving on, I will point you out to some of the coverage of the Audi Cup elsewhere:

1. United Rant looks at Antonio Valencia’s debut and gives their first impressions.

2. Scott at RoM was in Munich, and has done a terrific job covering the Audi Cup. You can read his coverage (including his visit to Busby Babes Memorial)

3. Tim Rich on the Guardian wonders where United’s goals will come from.

4. A Kick in the Grass looks at the way the side is shaping up after the Boca Juniors win.

5. Unsurprisingly, another journo wonders where United’s goals are going to come from — this time Mark Ogden of the Telegraph

That’s about it from me for now. I am a terrible packer and mover — this is my nightmare. So wish me luck.

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