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Arshavin Likes Fergie…

… and Scolari and Wenger. He thinks the Premiership is the best league; he watches the English league in the weekends; and, more importantly, he wants to change clubs. He said all this in an interview to the BBC [audio link — thanks to a comment from yesterday’s post.]

So where’s the catch?

Well, for one, he said a couple of days ago to the Spanish press that he likes Barcelona and that the Spanish league suits his style. His agent and the president of the Russian football federation made his interest in La Liga known; is he that public a figure in Russia that his deepest secrets are known to everyone? [On second thoughts I wouldn’t dispute the fact that, at the moment, he’s bigger than Putin in Russia.]

Anyway, the interview to the BBC, if you’ve already heard it by now, would tell you one thing: that the questions were framed in such a way as to put words in his mouth; obviously, anyone with half a brain would tell you that he would like playing in the Premiership or La Liga; obviously, anyone with half a brain would tell you that the pitches are better in England and Spain; and any half-wit if asked would tell you that he likes Ferguson, Scolari and Wenger (sorry Rafa).

[As an aside, I would like to know why he’s already started pimping himself to all and sundry — what tomorrow, the Italian media? — when his country has a semi-final against Spain, in Russia’s biggest game yet. Oh, well, that’s football for you these days.]

But besides all the obvious, one thing in the interview that appealed to me — although, perhaps, much of the actual meaning may have been lost in translation — was the statement he made, the essence of which was, “The club I will go to must show real desire to want me.”

For United fans an easier example would be Aaron Ramsey. Clearly Arsenal showed more desire to sign the teenager. So whilst the player would eventually make up his mind United must show a real desire to want him if they are to stand any chance of signing him.

At the end of the day, signing Arshavin would be one hell of a challenge and any club that snaps him would pull off a major coup. To be brutally honest — and risking brickbats for said honesty — I thought Arshavin was the perfect Arsene Wenger kind of a player as he plays in a short quick passing Russian system apart from his age and cost.

But I wouldn’t make his signing a priority. If we sign him, good and if we don’t, I am not going to cut myself over it. Excellent player, but our priorities this summer involve a striker a defender and I’ll continue to stand by that. Anyone else would be welcome and I certainly wouldn’t mind.

* * *

Round up from the rest of today (and a bit of yesterday’s) news

  • Rummenigge slam’s Madrid’s tactics: Finally someone, other than us, seems to think that Madrid may be doing things a tad on the wrong side.
  • The Sun’s exclusive reveals that Ronaldo will return to Manchester after his holiday. Erm… David Gill told us that before (and during) the Euros, that all players under contract will return to the club following their holidays. Anything else and, I think, it would be in violation of club rules, wouldn’t it? You return from your scheduled holidays and get back to work, wouldn’t you? Any plans of quitting would be done by having a word with your boss, and in the world of football (and contracts) it can’t be truer. So the Sun can shove their exclusive up their whatever — we know it already, numpties!
  • In hysterical headlines of the day, the award goes to the Daily Mail, who’ve come up with their late breaking news: “New United kit for a new season… but hang on, where’s Ronaldo?” Okay, it came on Sunday, but the fact that the headline was a bit too long was the least of its faults.
  • In blogwatch, James Ryddel draws up an elaborate theory on how Arshavin could be a pawn in Ronaldo’s move to Real. I don’t think that to be plausible, but good for a read although he is, essentially, thinking out loud.
  • And Scott is, as usual, at his Liverpool bashing best (in this case Arbeloa) — it’s always great to see a United fan having a good go at Shitepool; one can never tire of it. [Can’t wait for title number 18 to rub it in, although they’ll still come up with the 5 Champions’ League shite.]

And that should end this for the day, but for this link Ahmed suggested sharing with you all: Euro 2008 babes; and as with any picture gallery showcasing the best of the fairer sex, it may come with an NSFW warning. Speaking of Euro 2008, a rather tasty encounter today between Russia and Spain. I’d like either of them to go on to win the thing, but based on footballing excitement alone, I’d back the Russians to go the full distance; albeit with a shaky defence.

Anyway, take it away from here, people…