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Anyone With Knowledge of Spanish, Kindly Translate

Every one has been talking about Crissy R’s interview to ESPN. Yes, I know, it’s impossible to have him out of the news beyond five minutes. One would expect him to echo Fergie’s views following the meeting with him in Lisbon — that he’s a Manchester United player for this coming season.

But, suddenly, he seems to have become a person of God — ‘Only God knows my future’ was apparently the loose translation of what he said, when asked about his future. [Is he playing the God card in his bid to win the Player of the Year, following in the footsteps of Jesus-boy, Kaka, who pipped him last time round?]

Perhaps, he’s talking about his long term future? Even so, it would not be unreasonable if one thought St. Cristopher Ronaldo might satisfy us with the divine words: ‘I am a Manchester United player for this season’, thus legitimising the claim of a mere mortal like Alex Ferguson. But the saint thinks it is not the time, yet.

We wait in hope

Meanwhile, anyone with knowledge of Spanish — the language the saint chose to give his sermon to the ESPN hack — kindly translate and confirm that the translated quotes in the media aren’t taken out of context. One could never entirely decipher the cryptic words of the divine, can one?

Here’s the video:

Meanwhile, an apostle of the saint, Ramon Calderon, has not given up hope in the first coming of his messiah. We applaud his faith.

Also, saint Cristopher has showered his grace, so to speak, on four women, according to the Daily Mirror.

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