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Annoying Mourinho Leaves | United After Another ‘Hole’ Player? | Saha | SAF Quotes

MourinhoNot too much to gush about this morning. Although, by the time this post comes up there may be gushable things to gush about. Regular readers may have realized that the post is usually not written early in the morning, thanks to the timezone yours truly lives in. So gushing capabilities are limited to whatever is hot and worth gushing about at that moment of writing.

So enough with the gushing then.

By now the whole world has talked and debated about Jose Mourinho. The Special One’s departure had to be made special. What else would you call it if you get £25m to leave something that has now become nothing short of a mad house. Obvious similarities could be drawn to the Real Madrid circus of recent times, most notably on two occasions when del Bosque and Capello were sacked. Although, the former must wonder what wrong he did to have been sacked after leading two brilliant Real Madrid sides to victory. The reason for Capello’s sacking – not winning with ‘style’ – can be a fair enough analogy with Mourinho’s situation. Chelsea seem to be in danger of collapsing into some sort of a Russian circus – if you will if Roman starts up with his musical chair of manager sacking. Because, such is the aura and standards under which Mourinho left the club, that the next manager has a hell of a job to do in order to survive.

Yes, we all agree Mourinho was a megalomaniacal, egotistical, motor-mouthed, annoying, moaning, sore-losing, funny-speaking twat of a person, but he was a good manager and has achieved plenty in a short period of time. He was also the best man for the Chelsea job by miles. We, and the rest of the Premiership, are certainly relieved that he has left. However it does worry me that we have to play Chelsea this weekend. There is a good chance that the players, most of whom clearly swore by him, might be kicked into a rousing performance.

All that said, we will certainly miss his tantrums. Oh! The sight of a miffed Mourinho. Such fun it was!

Moving on to some other bits and bobs, United are apparently after another whiz kid from Sporting Lisbon. The kid is Nigerian and goes by the name, Yannick Djalo Rabiu Ibrahim. It is something I don’t believe at all. The player is another in-the-hole attacking midfielder, and we have enough attacking, in-the-hole midfielders to contend with already. It is obvious for the media to cook up something upon probably seeing CQ or Nani or Ronaldo making some sweet talk with some of the Sporting lads. The move wouldn’t make sense really.

And Louis Saha was frustrated with himself that he couldn’t make a start for United, so far, this season. I hope he doesn’t get too frustrated and suffer some sort of a frustration stroke out of trying too hard to show his frustration. Seriously though, it is good he has the desire to get back to first team action as soon as possible – preferably against Chelsea.

After the game yesterday SAF was visibly happy and satisfied with the team’s result. It is worrying in a way that he is happy. But I wouldn’t expect him to criticise performances after a win. He will reserve his hair dryer for private perusal.

The boss also thinks Rooney should be ready for Sunday, which is good news. Although better news would be for us to start with two strikers up front (preferably Saha with Tevez on the wing), but going by SAF’s caution against the better teams he might stick with some magically crafted version (of the Hogwarts’ school kind) of a 4-5-1/4-3-3 formation – whatever that is.

“It was difficult for Wayne, having to play up front on his own,” […] “We had to decide how long we kept him on the pitch, but as soon as we scored I decided it was time to get Louis Saha ready. Wayne will be better for his minutes on the clock and I’m sure he’ll be ready for Sunday.”

So that’s about it for the day. More news, when there is news to talk about. Hopefully there wouldn’t be too much news-like to talk about, so that we can start discussing about the Chelsea game.

Till then, have a good Friday and vote for Red Rants. Please!