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Allow Me This Indulgence…

… yes, dear readers, indulge me this day. Today I will talk about myself.

It was one year to this day that this site was launched.

So here is wishing this site a very happy anniversary (bloggiversary?)

It’s amazing when you look back and realise how far this site and the community has grown in such a short period of time. Honestly, I had never imagined that I would run a Manchester United fan site that would facilitate some good, (at times, heated) discussion on our great club.

It was a year ago when I approached Ahmed of Soccerlens who was looking for people to help start fan blogs, and along with him this idea of setting up a United blog was conceived. Thanks to him for his support both, at the back-end tech stuff, or his articles on here.

Over the past year, this site has seen 428 posts and about 14,700 comments (300 shy of the 15k mark). So that says enough about the involvement of the community to make this site what it is today. So a great thanks to all commenters. I’ve got emails from people giving words of encouragement, and it makes me all the more motivated to keep this site going.

Oh, and I know there are a lot more of you that read this site regularly but may feel a little shy to comment. I’d request you all to kindly participate and rant to your hearts’ content on this site — and as long as you play fair, you’ll do good.

Looking ahead, I’d like to continue this labour of love (and my passion for writing, in general) to keep going and improving. I hope to encourage United related discussion and will try to improve the quality of articles posted here as much as I can. I may still continue to have a one article per day routine, although on other days there could be more than one. But I promise never to flood it with five or ten articles. That would be too much to digest and discuss, in my opinion, and will result in fragmented discussion.

Hopefully, we can continue on this journey [I know I am using all the tiring cliches that accompany such ‘thank you’ speeches] and make this one of the best Manchester United fan blog/community in the internet.

Thank you once again, and please send in your suggestions for further improvements by email.

– Red Ranter