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All Quiet on the Berba Front and Nothing Else…

Yes. It’s gone all quiet. There is deafening silence. For all of Dimitar Berbatov’s reported pleading to be allowed to follow his dreams, there is really nothing happening at all. Instead the papers have decided to lazily speculate that we’re interested in the likes of Huntelaar, although there has been little, by way of credible evidence, to suggest such an interest recently.

Whilst it would be tempting for someone to pursue alternative targets, there is very little world class talent available to us to fill that void of a target man who can stay fit for a certain period of time. So while we continue to do, what seems like, a rather accurate version of Waiting for Godot — with regard to our striker situation — let’s cover some other nuggets of Manchester United news.

Owen Hargreaves says he’ll be 100% fit when he returns. Apparently he was only 60% for most of the games he played in last season. If he devoured Man City at Eastlands, and Roma at home by playing at 60%, then at 100%, he’ll be a monster. Let’s hope it all falls into place for him.

There are reports of a new 10m deal with a Saudi Teleom giant. But other than that, this has been a rather boring day of nothingness.

So I will leave you all to dwell on the beauty that is the nothingness.