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Aberdeen 0-2 Man Utd: The Away Kit is Terrible

There has been plenty written about the Aberdeen game already. I managed to take in about an hour of the game before I had to take off for a day out with my mates. (The subsequent day out led to a late morning — hence the late post today.)

But I’ll quickly put up some brief notes on my observations from the game in case it matters for some of you for it to come from my mouth.

The team and the manager were well received by the crowd. Like most friendlies go, the teams started on gear one and never really bothered to move up — like how one drives on his driver’s tests. And it is justifiable, considering the pounds Rooney needs to shed after spending a summer eating one cake too many — and he needs to desperately work hours in the gym if he’s to avoid becoming Fat Frank II.

Rooney looked good otherwise, running throughout the time he was on the field — or at least as long as I was seeing him play. He did fluff a couple of chances but his goal made up for it. One could call it a par performance from the lad, coming back from a relaxing summer. Just a hope that Nike took care while designing his boots for the season.

More impressive was Michael Carrick who looked in cruise control passing his way through the game; his penalty looked like he was practicing a through ball between a pair of imaginary defenders.

I thought Scholes showed great touches despite making a few stray passes. He was still sublime, and I don’t expect him to be any different this season. Whilst he will get less playing time this season, I’ll be interested to see when Fergie would drop a fit Scholes in favour of Anderson or Hargreaves. Carrick in my book is going to get the most games, and I have a feeling that he might really grow to become the one player that keeps us ticking this season. I repeat, it’s just a hunch. In fact, I expect a lot from our British lads this season with the break they’ve had in the summer.

Ben Amos made a couple of great saves but beyond that he wasn’t troubled.

I don’t have much to say beyond this because we can’t read too much into this fixture and, more than us, it will be the management that will get a better idea of how the players will shape up for the upcoming season.

I was expecting quotes from the gaffer about our number two and true to form this summer, he’s chosen to take it easy over looking for an assistant. In a way it makes sense to have an existing member of staff over see the daily drills, although over a period of time, he will look to a permanent person to fill the CQ void.

Speaking of Queiroz, one player spoke out in praise of the departed assistant: who else, Michael Carrick, of course.

Meanwhile, in less reported news, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer — an ex-United player, who scored a goal in the 90th minute some nine years ago to win some mickey mouse cup — led United reserves to a 3-1 win over conference outfit, with Febian Brandy, Cleverley, and Rodrigo Possebon getting on the score sheet. Man United Youth have a very good match report on the game.

[Speaking of which, I am impressed by the work the blokes at that site are doing in covering the youth/reserves and the academy. I wish they would also upload videos of the games — but then even this much effort is rather impressive.]

I would also like to see Possebon get a run out in the pre-season tour in South Africa because I’ve read rave reviews about the lad everywhere.

* * *

I know we have been linked with Berbatov and Aguero. I am sure there is some truth to our interest in Berbatov and a fee upto £25 million is reasonable according to me. Berbatov could give us a good four years and would ensure Rooney switching to his original position — hence I think it’s worth the fee.

About Aguero, I think all it could be is an inquiry from our club about how much he’s worth, more than anything. During transfer windows, these things are rather common, so I don’t think there is enough smoke to the Aguero fire yet.

As a player, yes, I like him. He’s creative, he’s quick, he can finish. But he’s also a midget and is on the lighter side. I wouldn’t complain if we get him though, but if we buy Berbatov, I doubt we’ll be in for him.

* * *

Oh, and, to do justice to the headline, the kit is terrible. It didn’t look good in the promos, it didn’t look good in the game. And it is certainly not going to look any better. I would only hope this is a tactic to make it difficult for opposition players to play us with a straight face. Umm… Nope. Can’t think of any other reasons.