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A Word To Some Departed Souls

Antonio Puerta of Sevilla passed away last Sunday. It is an extremely sad day for the club, his family and for the rest of the footballing brethren.

Tim Stannard, the Football 365 La Liga columnist, who writes on his own blog Laligaloca has a tribute post for him. He mentions that he was more or less a Dani Alves equivalent on the left side of Sevilla. Another important cog in the smooth machine that was Sevilla over the past seasons, he was particularly known for his wonder goal that took Sevilla to the UEFA cup final.

May his soul rest in peace.

Tim Stannard’s article

Similarly, our condolences to the family of the young Rhys Jones. We also feel sad for the family of QPR striker Ray Jones who was killed in a car crash.

May your souls RIP. The footballing community is united in your grief.