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A Television Themed Round-Up


International week is in full swing, so I will quit whinging about the lull on the club front. But I will actually attempt some self indulgence. I may have that luxury you know. At least I showed up today. So let me entertain you with with a little confession.

I am a television junkie. It doesn’t reflect all too well on me, but I do love watching TV shows. It’s also a part of the experience of living stateside. TV is a staple diet here. So let me take you on a Man Utd roundup spiced with a little television education. I will also talk a little about general/international football.

Monday and it’s Heroes. I am a big fan of the show. You know, the one where you have to save the cheerleader to save the world? Well, that was the mission statement of last season. Steve Mclaren might be hoping for a little bit of superhuman influence as well to bail England out of trouble as Rooney will turn Israel fan for today. The Israelis look quite the underdog going into their match up against Russia. So England would have to rely on some stray cheerleader running on to the field and distracting the attention of the Russians for the Israelis to stand a chance.

Tuesday is a good day as Hugh Laurie plays Dr House in the medical drama, House. I suppose he would have a worthy patient in Michael Owen, who limped off the field yet again. He has to be an interesting patient for the world acclaimed fictitious doctor. His injury record is stuff of legend and so bad that it sounds unreal.

Wednesday is a quiet day for me, but Thursday is good because it has Smallville. The reason I am still watching the show, though, is because I have been a Superman fan for a long while. Honestly, though, the show has been the most pointless thing ever… until it was bettered by England’s friendly against Austria. Countless times I have been reproached for my perceived apathy over England’s fortunes, but I just can’t help but feel confused more than ever about yesterday’s friendly. Even Superman can’t save them, for now.

Unless, of course, my scantily-clad cheerleader distracts the Russians… oh I mentioned it.

I am not much into watching TV Shows on Fridays but the occasional Jay Leno show gets me going at times. Tiresome though some of them might get, it still amuses me to no end when George Bush’s IQ is challenged for the 75,635th time. The man (Jay Leno, that is) has a nice light hearted air about him and appears to enjoy his work every single day. Another person who is enjoying his work is our own United youngster, Fraizer Campbell. According to his current manager at Hull, “He has a real zest for life.” The lad has scored 3 goals in six games and people all over are taking notice.

Saturday is usually dominated by a dose of Premier League action and the occasional American Football. I understand the game better these days, although the NFL with all it’s show boating — where games are stopped for the sake of commercial breaks — makes the whole exercise of watching it feel like a little joke. So while professional Am Football is a little unnerving at times, supporting my college team in NCAAF feels better. Although they are in a dire state this season. Dire is also the term Steven Gerrard may have used to describe the state of English Football. I wonder what his Spanish mates have to say for all the talk about foreigners.

Evra, however, has said that he’s sure Gerrard is not talking about Manchester United because of the number of Englishmen here. Honestly, the only rule that can make things better is to remove the bird-brained idea of forcing clubs to look at the 90 mile radius for scouring talent.

Whoever came up with that idea is a bit of a twat in my book. That and a lack of technical skill is the problem ailing the state of the game now. Although, if England qualify, all this talk would be put to rest until their eventual capitulation in the Euro 2008.

Finally, Sunday is the day where I pick anything from the Simpsons, to Family Guy, to Dexter — which is not a cartoon but an excellent show about a serial killer. And I can’t think of a news article that can be linked with a serial killer (apart from the article on Ultras going to Glasgow for Scotland’s game against Italy). Unless, of course, I call some rival player or manager a psycho-killer and court controversy.

Oh, who am I kidding? I am not that big, anyway!

And that should end my post that had very little to do with football, but then no one is having much to do with the real football at present, anyway. And to start some discussion going on our rather great comment threads, here are some questions: Which of you think England are going to qualify? And which of you think the Scots are? And whom do you prefer?

And for those who aren’t aware, we have a nice competition where you could win a scarf. Head over to this link to find out!

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