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A Tale of Full Backs and Some Idle Speculation

We still have a day to go before the Champions’ League tie against Roma. News is filtering through that Totti may be doubtful for the clash, which is good to hear. However, we do have some injury concerns of our own, although there is a good chance that most of the injury-afflicted players would be back for Tuesday. We should be able to have some idea as the day wears on. But more on Roma tomorrow, when we preview the game.

Meanwhile, we will talk a little about some other United stories.

Jose Bosingwa has dropped more hints that he will leave Porto if a good offer comes from another club. His Portuguese connection, Charlie Q, and the Iberian contingent at United — not to mention the rumours linking us with him — will strongly link us with him to plug the right back void. Now I haven’t seen him play, and have only heard that he’s rather good. So we’ll have to wait and see. Anyone who’s actually watched him play, do drop in your assessment of him in the comments.

Patrice Evra’s contract negotiations don’t seem to be headed anywhere. Apparently it’s a similar situation to that of Wes Brown. What is this with United and full backs? Evra has been outstanding this season as well as last, and he still has his best years ahead of him, considering his age. He does say that the issue (of his contract negotiation) is now all upto the club. I say break the fucking wage structure and get him signed for another 5 years. He deserves everything for all he’s done for us so far.

I read some reports suggesting Kuszczak could be sent on loan next season while EVDS and Foster battle it out for No. 1. Now I don’t know how true this is, because such decision are usually taken at the end of the season or in pre-season, based on the boss’s assessment of players etc., but the Pole would certainly be disappointed if he were to be sent on loan ahead of Foster. The ‘keeper situation will be interesting, and it’s something we should watch out for during the summer. Not now, when we need the services of Tomasz rather than attempting to destabilise him.

There is talk of Paul Ince coming over to United as No.2 in case of Carlos Queiroz leaving to manage Benfica. This has met with some consternation among certain sections of the United faithful, Scott being one of them. Now I think if Fergie, of all the people, does think he’s is good enough, then I don’t see much reason why we shouldn’t welcome him. Yes, I do realise that he was one of the few to cross over to the dark side, and even took delight in kissing the Liverpool badge in front of United fans, but when Alex “Ince is a big time Charlie” Ferguson could welcome him back, then I believe he sees potential in Ince the assistant manager. And we all know, people can be different when they are managers — Roy Keane would testify.

All this, of course, is subject to Queiroz’s decision to move. I am surprised I am saying this, but CQ has really won me over and I would feel bad if he were to leave. His scouting network is invaluable to us and he has also been a key factor behind a lot of how we see United play these days.

And that’s it for the day. Adios!