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A Simple Guide To Kicking Liverpool Ass

Let’s get down to business, shall we?

It’s us against the 5-times, 5-times squad on Sunday, and there’s been plenty of banter from both sides. Scott reckons that beating Liverpool is a bigger deal than slapping Arsenal around – I disagree but perhaps that’s because of our different histories and geographical locations.

Still, whether Liverpool are worthy opponents or not, they still have to be beaten (only an idiot – perhaps the same idiot who claimed the same thing last season (Reina I’m talking to you) – would suggest that the 3 points are in the bag). So how can Manchester United beat Liverpool, at Anfield, on Sunday?

Cover Evra

Evra will leave space behind him that some smart Liverpool players might be able to exploit. Getting Vidic / Rio to cover this is always a dangerous proposition (although they did it admirably well the whole of last season), so perhaps one of Hargo / Anderson / Carrick – depending on which two out of three start – could sit deep and cover such situations.

Nani and Ronaldo playing wide

Not wide as in on the wings but wide as in hugging the touchline and stretching the Liverpool defence. Players like Rooney, Tevez and Anderson love a bit of space to work in and if the likes of Nani and Ronnie can alternate their cut-ins with regular probings down Liverpool’s sides then we’ll see United players with more space and time on the ball.

Push Rooney forward

I don’t think the Liverpool defence can deal with Rooney’s pace, power or technique – Tevez is great but his finishing isn’t as good as Rooney’s (at least not this season) and for that we need Rooney constantly knocking on Reina’s door while Tevez supports and pulls at least one Liverpool player away with him.

Your thoughts

What do you guys think – how can we beat Liverpool on Sunday?