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A Return to Roundups

It hasn’t been a good weekend, has it? Not only did United drop points, but when I briefly shifted my attention to NFL and the New England Patriots, they choked against the New York Giants — so much for going unbeaten all season. A really bad weekend, I tell you.

Anyway, after a brief hiatus from the customary daily roundups we return to it once again. Sit back, pick up your coffee (if it’s morning in your timezone) and read on.

Ronaldo’s Humougous Deal

Now this rumour originated in the News of the World (NOTW), also known as LBJE (or the Last Bastion of Journalistic Excellence), so you know the amount of salt you need to pinch before taking this news in. The news however was picked by others like the Lancashire Evening Post, for instance, but I would like to hear it from BBC or the horse’s mouth before seriously considering this. Till then amuse yourselves by reading up the research work done by the folks at NOTW, some of which include their estimation of the number of hookers Ronaldo can now spend his spare time with.

United’s Jose Bosingwa interest

This player has been linked with us in the past and is now being linked with us again. Apparently he’s worth £15 million if some reports are to be believed. Being Portuguese, it is obvious that Carlos Quieroz is again behind this. Not that I am too concerned about another non-British player entering our ranks, but at £15m I would rather take Alan Hutton (who was available for £9m). But now that he’s joined the Hotspurts, there is really no point talking about the Scot.

Bosingwa, meanwhile, was ‘flattered’ by United’s interest. Who wouldn’t be?

Portuguese FA’s Plea

More Portugal related news, as the Portuguese FA has urged Ronaldo to continue with Manchester United. They think that he’s happy with the hookers to play here. Now this is new, I must admit. We have seen a lot of people, twats to be accurate, who have been begging Ronaldo to move to Spain. It’s nice to see someone other than the club asking Ronaldo to stay at United. He’s been a star here — there is no doubt that he could be one in Spain too (which would actually appreciate some of his diving) — but he has settled well into a system where he’s become the key player even amongst other illustrious colleagues.

And before I sign off for the day, let me link to an article written by Alan Green — yes that same Scouse-loving, toad-faced Alan Green — who finally thinks that Ronaldo is a rather good player. I don’t know why I even linked to the article, but it’s actually a slow day. Plus I am not really happy with the prospect of another Monday, and another long week ahead of me.

Cheerio. How was your weekend, by the way?

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