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A Return to Daily Updates

Hello everyone. There has been a lack of the usual daily roundups here so let’s get on with it.

But before moving on though, a little clarification on the rumours doing the rounds on this site. I am not married, nor have I ever been married in my lifetime. I also don’t intend on getting married anytime soon. Sorry to disappoint. Of course, thanks to Ahmed — our own resident rumour monger — people have actually begun believing things. Don’t fret, I will get back at Ahmed soon enough. 🙂 He would have to be afraid. Very afraid! I do thank the good wishes though. The intent is appreciated.

And one more thing: The reason for the slackness witnessed in this site’s posting frequency is also due to the fact that I have been on vacation for a month. It is a long vacation indeed; since mid-December and it will go on till mid-January. And during this vacation there are short jaunts between places that would make it impossible to update the site. Hence the irregularity. Inconveniences are regretted, deeply. Although, I guess, Scott’s blog, during this period has gone on overdrive, with some really good articles, so your daily dose of United news and opinion is never lost. I would hope.

Anyway, back to United related stuff.

Lot has happened in the days I was away so let’s see where we can pick things up.

Yes, EVDS has become fit and also started the Villa game. He also extended his contract by another year and seems happy with life at OT.

The FA Cup game was played against Villa and won. The match report was posted by Ahmed as I was away. I did catch the highlights and from reports I heard it wasn’t exactly outstanding from our lads. Nonetheless, we continue to beat the Villans, while the ‘Dippers and the Blues continue to get easy draws. We get our second premiership draw in the competition, where we play either Reading or Spurs.

On our loanees, Darron Gibson and Frazier Campbell have extended their loan deals at Wolves and Hull City respectively till the end of the season. Campbell has scored 6 goals in 13 starts. Jonny Evans has made a move to Roy Keane’s Sunderland till the end of the season. His performances, from now on, will be of particular interest to us.

Manucho has recently scored for Angola in their warm-up game, leading to the African Cup of Nations. They will however face a big test on Thursday when they play Egypt at Lisbon. He will be of interest to all United fans as we’ve now got a reason to look forward to the ACN.

Meanwhile, the Glazers are on the lookout for which market they would seek to exploit next after having reported a staggering 245 million pound revenue for last year. Apparently the race is not just for the title of the better footballing club, it is also for the bigger money making machine. There is no arguing how money hungry the Glazers can be, but after borrowing a fortune to buy the club, they would certainly have to do something to make their ‘business plan’ work. So there you have it. Asia and America will be their obvious targets.

The Manchester Evening News reports that the Glazers will be prepared to give SAF 30 million pounds in order to prise Berbatov from Tottenham. Personally I don’t quite believe it. For one, it’s January and it usually isn’t the time for such transfer activity. Two, he’s already 27 and that money is ridiculous, if you ask me, and it would certainly unbalance our strike force. We don’t have to buy Berbatov just because Chelsea might sign him. And I don’t think Tottenham would sell him in January.

When they do sell Berbatov, which will be in the summer, United wouldn’t buy him for that sort of fee.

And lastly, Ronaldo was voted the player of the month (December) in’s poll. I don’t disagree with that. Do you?

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