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A Quiet Little Tuesday Roundup

It’s Tuesday and just two days into the international week. And things have gone very quiet. There is deathly silence all round. No news to feast upon. None at all really. So I’ll just keep talking like this, get through the motions and end the post. You see, that is the key to a successful essay. Isn’t that what the teachers taught us at school? But that was school, wasn’t it? Real life is way different. Anyway, not to worry. I am not going to talk only crap. There will be some news — if only I can find something news worthy, that is.

Louis Saha is delighted at being able to start a game. He’d better be. More importantly he’d better take good care of himself as he is headed for his most jinxed location — the France national team. We pray fervently for his return in one piece.

Morten Gamst Pederson joins the list of United admirers tipping us for the title. Sorry, I had to include it. I couldn’t find too many other articles.

And Alan Hansen (that prick) wrote in his column on the Telegraph that Mark Hughes is a viable successor to SAF. Yawn… in other news, Radioactive Pigs Electrocute Vladimir Putin. The article meandered through and actually ended up with Harry Redknapp. Plenty of yawny moments there. So to check if you lot are still awake here’s a question for the day: ‘Now that the euphoria over Keane has sort of died down, who do you prefer, Hughes or Keane, to succeed SAF?’

Meanwhile before I run off to watch the latest episode of Heroes, let me tell you that there is an exciting contest coming your way, pretty soon. So watch this space. And I am working on a comments policy to keep things in control. I am not against free speech, but some basic etiquette needs to be maintained to simulate intelligent discussion. The rules are fairly simple to follow, I am sure.

Watch this space.