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The good ol' days

The good ol’ days

With defeat to City in the first derby of the season leaving United in ninth and four points off fourth, the sinister sounds of Moyes’ apologists seems to suggest that many of them are crawling out of the woodwork with the intention of telling United fans that things are not getting better and even suggesting that matters are worse.

This might be an opportunity to inform sympathisers of the dour Glaswegian as to why many Reds would rather be forced to stare at Adrian Chiles seemingly melting face for all eternity rather than sit through another season of Moyesesque football.

As many will recall United lost rather a lot last season. Actually more than a lot, to say it was a lot is a grievous understatement. United were beaten 11 times last season and the truth is that there has been more fight in a bed bound paraplegic being mugged than any of those United teams.

Like most university graduates of the modern society United players looked lost, despondent and as if they were developing a drink problem.

Warning signs were ignored when United lost away to Liverpool at the very early stages of last season without registering a shot on target. Adopting to treat Moyes like a small tumour, fans accepted the defeat as a learning curve and with reassurance that we never win at Anfield anyway.

In hindsight for what followed it would have been best to have the Scot operated on then, by a drunk, ex-Soviet surgeon with questionable qualifications.

More relevant to yesterday the result was followed by a battering away to City that ended 4-1, again United barely having a sniff with Rooney only getting on the score sheet with an excellent free kick. Pundits boldly stated that City were unplayable that day and no one could have beaten them. Wrong, like everything Jamie Redknapp and his nursery school reading age says, that was wrong.

Endured next was a set of disappointments not too dissimilar from what one might imagine a night of passion with Craig Bellamy might be like. A lot of shouting but realistically just a deep self-loathing and the smell of white star cider.

Results included a 2-2 draw with Fulham, home losses to Everton, West Brom and Newcastle. Smashing record after record the devastating reign of Moyes cleared its way through the red half of Manchester like the ebola of football.

United choked, battered and spluttered to heavy defeats against Liverpool and City. They finally fell apologetically away to Everton where Moyes now resembling a Chenobyl victim, was finally sent packing.

For any of those doubting Louis Van Gaal and this new look United team I implore them to go watch the highlights of any of the defeats of last season and compare them with the losses to City and Leicester. Yesterday with ten men, Antonio Valencia, Michael Carrick and Paddy McNair in defence, United not only kept City at bay for long parts of the game but actually looked like they might get a result.

Last season facing that scenario it was more guaranteed than Iggy Azaelia developing an eating disorder that United would have crumbled. They did not, they fought and actually played well. Like they did against Chelsea, like they did against Leicester until they self-imploded and like they did away to West Brom.

Those who can’t see the improvement of a team that is almost entirely made up of new players, compared to the monstrosity that was served up last season by a team of Premier League title winners under Moyes could do the world a favour and Google the most delicious brands of bleach.

On paper United might look worse, but at least watch the matches before passing judgment. Go to the games and see it first hand. The performances have improved and inevitably so will the results.

Alternatively Cillit bang goes down particularly well with half a glass of horse tranquiliser.

William Dawson