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A look at the bookmaker’s odds on the Premier League

Aside from those fans with an emotional investment in the outcome, and the neutrals who just love the drama of it all, the other group with an intense interest in the outcome of this season’s Premier League title race are the sports betting fans.

Alongside the kinds of football-themed games like Soccer Safari which can be found at, Premier League sports betting is the most popular way of combining gambling and the beautiful game for most fans.

Both types of gambling have really come into their own on the web in recent years, with those placing bets on sports now able to place a half-time bet for an expected turnaround without leaving the terraces. For those who are too superstitious to bet on their own team however, the same can be done with the online casinos – all it takes is a few flicks of the thumbs on a smartphone to be placing cash on the roulette or poker tables. It’s not a bad choice with big cash prizes to rival that of the online bookies.

We’re here to help you sports bettors though – it may seem an easy choice if you’re looking to place a bet on the winner of the Premier League last season, but read on and see why it would be foolish to act with too much haste.

When it comes to which team will win the league, the fact that it appears to be a two-horse race between the Manchester sides is one of the more predictable aspects of the season so far, as most observers expected these two to be battling it out for the title.

Manchester United are in the box seat, seven points clear at the top, and the odds of 1/3 that you will get on them at most of the sports betting sites indicates how strong their position is. Of course the downside of this for betting fans is that the odds do not make United a particularly good bet for anyone hoping for a big financial return on any bet.

Regardless of what Chelsea fans might think (update: and they don’t have much to say after the draw at home against Southampton), but Manchester City will be the only other club in contention for the title for most people – it is hard to see Chelsea pulling back a double-digit deficit with their current form.

Currently it is possible to get 10/3 odds on Manchester City for the title at some of the sports betting sites, which may make them a better option for people who are hoping to make some real money on their sports bets. However, there is still that seven points that City will have to retrieve somewhere during the second half of the season, and we don’t fancy them doing so, making Manchester United the nailed-on bet if you want to guarantee some winnings.

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