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A Few Words…

Apart from confirming that I am indeed alive, this post will seek to convey a few things.

Over the past few days (weeks?) I have had insignificant things to deal with — things as insignificant as graduating from a post graduate program, wrapping up some work (because I was juggling a full time study program and a full time job) which meant meeting seemingly unmeetable deadlines. So yes, I was really neck deep to even contemplate sneaking a peek into the happenings on this site. Added to that, I have been travelling over the past two to three days, keeping me away from access to any form of the thing they call the internet. I am currently on a month long vacation which entails some more travel and dodgy internet connection.

But I do have plans for the site — a few of which could be apparent in the coming days.

But before that, a word of praise for those who kept coming back with the hope that there will be some updates is in order. The commenters have kept some part of this site active with their chatter which is good to see. However, it’s sad to see some have seized the time I’ve been away to use it to personally attack fellow commenters. Since I have been one to give most people a second chance, let this be a final warning — offenders, you know who you are. Trawling through the comments, I now know the offenders.

It is obvious from the recent inactivity that there has to be updates on the main blog because the site needs both — the comments as well as main articles — to keep it going. The main posts as well as the comments are the life blood of any blog, and so I do recognize the importance of having a regular and steady stream — if not a deluge — of posts to keep this site upto its past higher standards. Which is why I have an announcement to make.

Red Rants is proud to announce a writing competition. To read more about it click here.