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5 reasons why Tevez needs Manchester United

We’ll all talked about how Manchester United a reliable striker in the Berbatov mold to help us win the Champions League. And if you’ve been reading RedRants, we’ve also talked a lot about why Tevez would be as good, if not better, for United.

But what about Carlitos Tevez? How come no one has come out and talked about what would be best for the player?

So here are 5 top reasons why Carlos Tevez moving to Manchester United will be the BEST possible thing for his footballing career:

  1. Tevez will have the space to grow at Manchester United, and the stars to grow with. An attacking quintet of Nani, Ronaldo, Anderson, Tevez and Rooney will be a match for any European team.
  2. Manchester United have the necessary player experience (Giggs, Scholes, Neville, Heinze, EVDS and Ole) to help Tevez be a smarter player – we’ve already seen what Ronaldo and Rooney have become under the tutelage of Giggs and Scholes.
  3. Manchester United’s playing style marries the all-action offensive with tactical resilience and individual flair – a combination that defines the way Carlos Tevez plays. No other team in the Premiership can offer him that.
  4. Alex Ferguson’s track record for building superstars is better than any other manager in the Premiership – you can virtually guarantee that Tevez will be a world player of the year contender if he heads to United.
  5. He’s guaranteed titles with United.

One, I know that this is whimsical. Two, I’m aware that teams like Arsenal, Liverpool and Chelsea offer some of the above as well. But no team offers all of the above apart from United.

What do you guys think?