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18 Titles, Champions of England — and those are actually facts

There was a side show — an Arsenal game, which threatened, briefly, to become a party pooper — that ended 0-0. On an ideal day we would have wanted to win the game, but a draw is the next best option. The relief on the United players faces were palpable by what ended up being a case of holding on for the last minutes.

United have played far more number of games this season than their rivals — any arguments people make about footballers getting paid a lot, and hence they should break brick walls with their heads, and having deep squads can hold only so much water — and that showed in the dying minutes of the game. The players wanted the game to be over; the relief of getting done with a long, gruelling season was rather too tempting to pass up.

Today we must rejoice as United fans. It’s a historic occasion for the club to have earned its 18 titles. Ferguson’s done something that began as a dream in 92-93 and have shown good signs of continuing. May we never rise from this slumber, may that dream go on for many more years to come.


I could talk about the interviews with Carlos Tevez, and Ronaldo, which have sort of rained on our parade, so to speak. But I think these things, as well as a more objective look back at our season are best kept for another day.

We’ll Never Die.

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