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08/09 Fixtures Announced

So we have something worth talking about. This will be the shortest of my posts but nonetheless, the fixtures are out for the 08/09 season. I must say, we have a tough start. We also do have a tricky end to the season with Arsenal being the penultimate game.

Here’s the first five:

First Five Fixtures
[Removed them thanks to a copyright notice by Netresult. I know it’s ridiculous, but there you go.]

Here’s the rest, along with pre-season dates.


And before someone brings it up, no, I am not buying the Fergie to walk if Ronaldo is sold reports.

Update: As news trickles down in this slow day, there’s a small, but nice, piece on Ole, with a few quotes. He begins his new role as a reserve team boss from July 12.

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